About Us

Investing in the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Casa Grande Valley is investing in our future. Kids in after-school programs are less likely to be involved in crime, use controlled substances or engage in other risky behaviors. They are more likely to get good grades and stay in school. We know this. We also know that Boys & Girls Club programs work. From computer education classes to our Power Hour Homework Help Program, from gym games to our Youth of the Year competition, our programs and program staff help kids and teens do better in school, stay physically fit, make healthy decisions, build skills and prepare themselves for productive adulthood. And that is the substance behind the Boys & Girls Clubs it’s more than just a fun place to go.

What we know:

  • Students in quality after-school programs have better academic performance, behavior and school attendance and greater expectations for the future
  • Students who spend 1 – 4 hours per week in extracurricular activities are 51 percent less likely to have used drugs and 63 percent less likely to become teen parents than those who do not

Just look at what club alumni say:

  • 80% said Club staff helped them learn right from wrong
  • 95% indicated the Club was the best thing available in their community
  • 52% said participating in the Club “saved my life.”

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Casa Grande Valley is a part of a nationwide affiliation of local, autonomous organizations and Boys & Girls Clubs of America working to help youth of all backgrounds develop the qualities needed to become responsible citizens and leaders. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Casa Grande Valley is facility-based, employs professional staff supplemented by part-time staff and volunteers, and offers daily access to activities and programs. To learn more, please browse our website or call us.

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