2017 Youth of the Year!


Serena Mena

2016 and 2017 Youth of the Year

“The Club makes a bright
future seem like a reality,
not a dream.”



I have been a Club member for more
than 13 years. The Boys & Girls Club
began making a difference in my life
when I was just 4. I’ve learned more
than I could’ve ever imagined. I am
successful in school because the Club
staff and programs gave me the
encouragement to believe in myself.
Growing up without the support of a
mom and dad was difficult, but walking
through the blue doors gave me a
sense of belonging and helped me to
get past the problems at home–I could
get through those problems and I
didn’t have to do it alone.
Growing up at the Club gave me the
confidence and motivation to embrace
the opportunities of the future; I look
forward to college in the fall. But, for
now, I am proud to be a part of the
Club staff, helping to make a difference
in the lives of other kids.

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